Q: Don't you know illustrated novels suck?

A: Yep. That's why the Wasp trilogy is not illustrated. It only looks illustrated at first glance.

Q: Who will love them?

A: Me.

Q: Who will hate them?

A: Pussies.

Q: Which book should I read first?

A: The second book, Dandelion Slap, is a gentle, welcoming starting point. But hard-core readers will find it more rewarding to take the series in order, starting with Gaia's Wasp, and watch me get better at my craft.

Q: Should a mother read them to her son?

A: Women are not allowed to read the Gaia's Wasp trilogy.


Q: Are they like any other books I know?

A: Yes, here are a few.

  • Harry Potter and the Fifty Shades of Grey
  • Slave Girls of Ridgement High
  • The Happy Hooker Versus Predator