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Hidden Math Chapter Headers

My thanks to the following, who contributed images good enough to use as Hidden Math chapter headers. These photographers have not endorsed or approved Gaia's Wasp. Some images have been modified.

Francis Mac Donald (Morguefile user cbcs) - Kinetic energy

Morguefile user FlyingPete - Fuel

Morguefile user PublicEpicness - Deceleration

Morguefile user matei - Power

Jarg Roth (Pixabay user jaguarE) - Exhaust

John Anderson (Morguefile user johnanderson) - Bright

Morguefile user DuBoix - Protons

Kenn W. Kiser (Morguefile user click) - Gate charge

Pixabay user LoggaWiggler - Geometry

Pixabay user tedrafranklin - Heat

Simon Steinberger (Pixabay user simon) - Accretion

David Mark (Pixabay user tpsdave) - Thrust, drag

Brigitte Werner (Pixabay user werner22brigitte) - Mass

Nina Maiores (Pixabay user Nina-81) - Distance

Ryan McGuire (Pixabay user RyanMcGuire)- Stupid

Marco Massimo (Pixabay user marmax) - About those fuel rods...

Hans Braxmeier (Pixabay user Hans) - Efficiency

Pixabay user PublicDomainPictures - Erosion

Pixabay user farioff - Coriolis

Pixabay user wikiimages - Sand


Ben Nelan (Pixabay user benaball) - Aperture

Pixabay user ejaugsburg - Freeze

Pixabay user xuuxuu - Small boats

Pixabay user Skeeze - Attack