The Unexpected Finger spun her own internal gravity, by rotating once every five seconds.

How did that feel?

How it felt depended only on spin radius and velocity, according to the formula  a = v2/r where acceleration a is apparent gravity, radius r is distance from the axis, and velocity v is how fast the spin carries you.

Intuitively, if you stood at the Finger's widest point, you would be carried around her perimeter once every rotation. Perimeter is just the circumference 2πr where r is the Finger's radius, 8m. So her spin would carry you 2π  8m = 50m every rotation. The Finger rotated once every five seconds, so you would travel 50m every five seconds, or ten meters per second.

Plugging v  = 10m/s and r  = 8m into the formula gives acceleration a  = v2/r = 12.5m/s2, about 25 percent more than Earth gravity. But this was at the Finger's widest point, on her exterior. Inside her walls, the radius would be a bit less, and so would the gravity.

Yes I am using acceleration and gravity interchangeably. Einstein said this is okay.

Note that your feet would would feel more gravity than your head, because your feet would be farther from the spin axis, covering more distance with every revolution. And when your feet move faster than your head, you run into a new set of problems.