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Q: Is Gaia's Wasp about bugs?

A: No.

Q: What happens?

A: The trilogy begins with Gaia's Wasp, the hero's coming-of-age epic. The story starts as

Screw that, plot summaries are about as useful as those charts with boxes and arrows. Read Wasp and figure out for yourself what makes it so good. Then write your own damn synopsis, which will be useless.

Okay here is a synopsis, which is FULL OF SPOILERS.


Some kids grow up.

Aliens invade Earth.

Also six colossal lasers.


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Q: Who will love it?

A: Me.

Some other people too, I guess, but who cares.

Q: Who will hate it?

A: Pussies.

Q: Should a mother read it to her son?

A: No. Women are forbidden to read Gaia's Wasp.

Q: Is Wasp like any other books I know?

A: Yes, here are a few.


Q: Does Dr. Jerk hate chicks?

A: Dr. Jerk is uncomplicated. If you like him, he will probably like you.

Of course, respect takes a little more.

Q: Don't you know pictures in a fiction novel suck?

A: Yes they did, until now. These are not the pictures you expect.